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Our Life in Community

United in our same tradition and spirit, we live a common life as true Sisters, praying, working and recreating together.

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Our times of prayer are balanced with times for work. In her Rule St. Clare refers to work as a grace and urges us to work wholeheartedly with a tranquil and recollected spirit, so that our occupations contribute to our life of prayer. Throughout the day Sisters fulfill the various duties of Community living, such as cooking, sewing, sacristy, library, and secretarial work. Ordinary household tasks are shared by all. See what our church thinks about gambling in general. What is allowed and what is considered a sin. But it is terribly wrong if you don't check out these bonus deals and take a free preview on the most rewarding games.


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During her life with her Sisters at San Damiano, St. Clare lovingly spun cloth and stitched beautiful corporals which she sent out to all the Churches in the area for the Eucharistic Celebrations. A Retreat Director pointed out to us how, "this act of Clare created a spiritual tie between Clare, the Poor Ladies, and the people of those Churches", uniting them in the Eucharist.


Here in our Monastery we do Church laundry for some of the nearby parishes and religious communities. As the corporals St. Clare made went out to all the Churches, so do our laundered Church linens as they are returned to their respective Church or Community, uniting us in a special bond in the Eucharist. We delight in serving the Eucharist and the Church in this wonderful way, which also contributes to the support of our ommunity.



Sisters with special talents are encouraged to develop and use their gifts for the good of all. A daily recreation period provides a wonderful opportunity for us to enjoy the companionship of one another in a more relaxed setting. Games, handcrafts, music, and the gift of laughter renew and refresh us in their own own unique way. Free time for relaxation, exercise, projects, or special needs balance out our day.



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Several times a year we joyfully welcome our family members and other friends of the community who may visit with a Sister`s in our parlor



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